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Cost-Conscious Guide to Concrete Driveway Resurfacing in Des Moines

Is your concrete driveway looking sadly outdated? Are cracks spiderwebbing across the surface or crumbling edges making it an eyesore? As a Des Moines homeowner, you’ve likely weighed getting a whole new driveway, but paused at the potential five-figure price tag. The good news? You can restore the appearance of

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How Much Does a Concrete Driveway Cost in Des Moines in 2023?

Thinking of installing a new concrete driveway? Get ready to shell out some cash. Prices have been rising across Des Moines, with the average now costing between $5-$10 per square foot. This guide will overview everything that impacts concrete driveway costs locally so you can set realistic expectations. Average Cost

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Innovative Home Improvement: Decking Over a Concrete Patio

Covering worn, damaged patio slabs with wooden decking creates an innovative new outdoor living space while avoiding costly full concrete removal. Read on to learn how building a deck over your patio can transform cracked, uneven concrete into an asset instead of an eyesore. We will cover the benefits of

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Integrating A Wood Deck Next To A Concrete Patio In A Seamless Design

Dreaming of expanding your outdoor living space but unsure of the best approach? Adding a wood deck seamlessly next to your existing concrete patio can open up amazing possibilities. By blending the new deck beautifully with your patio, you gain added space to entertain, use indoor furniture outside, and enjoy

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Designing a Raised Concrete Deck: Ideas and Considerations

Adding a raised concrete deck can provide extra outdoor living space and enhance your home’s aesthetics. Unlike ground-level patios, raised decks promote better water drainage and allow you to customize the height. Concrete offers a durable and low-maintenance surface that can last for decades. When planning your custom concrete deck,

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Driveway Widths 101: What Des Moines Homeowners Need to Know

Choosing the perfect driveway width in Des Moines is critical – too narrow and larger vehicles can’t fit, too wide is a waste of concrete. The ideal width depends on factors like number of vehicles, availability of street parking, and local regulations. This article will cover single vs double driveway

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Stamped Concrete vs Pavers: Choose the Ideal Material

Stamped concrete and pavers are two of the most popular options for driveways and patios. Both come with pros and cons regarding appearance, cost, and longevity that homeowners should understand. This guide will overview the key differences between stamped concrete and pavers to help you determine which is the best

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Crucial Considerations: Your Des Moines Patio’s Perfect Size

A well-sized patio isn’t just a luxury; it’s an investment in your home’s comfort and style. Discovering the perfect size involves thoughtful planning. Let’s delve into the crucial considerations for tailoring a patio that seamlessly fits into your Des Moines lifestyle. Designing an outdoor patio space tailored to your lifestyle

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Reviving Your Patio: Guide to Concrete Stain Removal

If you’ve found yourself gazing at your once-beautiful outdoor space, now marred by stubborn stains, fret not. We’re here to empower you with practical solutions and expert advice to revive your patio’s charm. To effectively combat concrete stains, it’s crucial to first understand the adversaries your patio faces. Des Moines,

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Concrete Driveway 101: Determining the Perfect Thickness

Whether choosing a designer concrete finish or a simple gray slab, few driveway decisions have as much impact on both aesthetics and durability as proper thickness. Achieving long-lasting stability and performance requires considering vehicle weights, drainage, climate extremes and other critical factors. This guide serves as your concrete driveway thickness

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DIY Guide: Fixing Cracks in Your Concrete Patio

Cracks happen. That’s a fact of life with exterior concrete no matter if we’re talking driveways, foundations, or patios. The freeze/thaw cycles, heat waves, ground shifts, and general wear and tear in the Des Moines area wreak havoc even on properly poured and cured concrete. Patio cracks let water seep

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Deck vs. Patio: Which is Best for Des Moines Homeowners?

It’s an all too common dilemma – as a Des Moines homeowner, should you build a new deck or patio for outdoor living and entertaining? Both can increase your functional space, boost curb appeal, and potentially even increase resale value. But decks and patios carry far different costs, installation challenges,

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Concrete Patio to Wood Deck: A Des Moines Homeowner’s Guide

Considering transforming your concrete patio into a charming wood deck in Des Moines? Discover the allure behind this growing trend, the benefits of wooden decks, and stay tuned for insights into avoiding common pitfalls and mastering the conversion process. Why Choose Wood? Wooden decks bring a touch of elegance and

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Concrete Patio Slab Thickness: What Homeowners Need to Know

A patio that cracks or sinks is a major headache. That’s why concrete thickness is crucial when pouring a durable, long-lasting outdoor living space. This article provides slab thickness guidance tailored to Des Moines homeowners so you can make an informed decision. Why Thickness Matters Concrete patio slab thickness directly

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