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Looking for a reliable residential concrete services near Des Moines, Iowa? Des Moines Concrete Works is a professional concrete contractor in Des Moines, IA, specializing in a wide range of residential and commercial concrete services. With years in the concrete industry, we’ve built a foundation of trust with our clients by consistently delivering quality concrete projects, from construction to complete renovations.

Whether you’re embarking on a new concrete project or seeking premium concrete solutions, we’re the best concrete contractor you can count on. Our expertise surrounds every aspect of concrete construction, ensuring your schedule is met with efficiency and precision. If you are looking for high-quality and affordable residential concrete services, then we’re here to help! Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your concrete needs.

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Des Moines' No. 1 Residential Concrete Contractor

Looking for a residential concrete contractor near me in Des Moines? You can count on us to give you the best service at a price you can afford. Our team of experts is always ready to deliver top-notch stamped concrete solutions that will exceed your expectations, ensuring your next concrete project is a successful one.

At Des Moines Concrete Works, we are passionate about bringing your vision of beautiful residential concrete to life. We are a US-owned business in Des Moines, IA, that has been operating for over 10 years, earning a reputation for safety, quality, and customer service that meets the needs of each project’s scope. Our dedicated staff is committed to upholding the highest standards and regulations to ensure your satisfaction. Des Moines Concrete offers a comprehensive range of services designed to make every project we undertake successful. We understand the importance of creating a space that reflects your unique style, and we strive to ensure that each customer’s dream is realized with the utmost care and precision.


Our Comprehensive Residential Concrete Services

Concrete Patio

Transform your outdoor space with a stamped concrete patio, a cost-effective alternative to traditional pavers or natural stone. This innovative technique involves impressing patterns and textures onto freshly poured concrete, creating the look of expensive materials at a fraction of the cost. Enhance your property’s aesthetics, durability, and value with our reliable stamped concrete patio service. Enjoy low maintenance, resistance to weathering, and long-lasting appeal of concrete patios.

Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways are a solid investment that offers numerous benefits. It provides a smooth, low-maintenance surface that withstands heavy traffic and lasts for decades. With the ability to resist weathering, cracking, and oil stains, concrete driveways ensures a pristine and appealing appearance for your property. Get a reliable and sturdy driveway while also enhancing your home’s aesthetics and long-term value with our driveway installation service.

Concrete Slab

A concrete slab is a durable and versatile foundation made of concrete, used in various construction projects. Its benefits are numerous and compelling. Firstly, concrete slabs offer exceptional strength, ensuring longevity and stability for structures. They resist cracking, weathering, and insect damage, reducing maintenance costs. If you seek a long-lasting and efficient foundation for your concrete needs, consider our professional concrete slab installation service to ensure a solid and cost-effective investment for years to come.


Des Moines' No. 1 Residential Concrete Contractor

Des Moines Concrete Works Concrete Patio Contractors
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What Our Clients Say...

Des Moine Concrete Works Quote 1
“The guys did a great job with the installation process. The process was quick and the team were professional throughout. Thanks for your help with figuring things out.”

Dan Miller

Concrete Driveway - Greater Southside, Des Moines

Des Moines Concrete Works Concrete Patio Review 3
“They transformed my outdoor space into a cozy oasis. It’s now my favorite spot to relax and hang out. Every morning, it’s a happy moment sipping tea here and enjoying my garden. Grateful beyond words!”

Jodi Bennett

Mini Garden Patio - Easter Lake Dr, Des Moines

Residential Concrete Quote 3 Des Moines Concrete Works
From start to finish, the team displayed professionalism and skill. They efficiently handled every detail, ensuring a level surface that feels solid and secure. The end result is a sturdy and flawless foundation for our home. Impressed and satisfied!

Tony Meyer

Concrete Slab - Pleasant St, Des Moines IA

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