How Much Does a Concrete Driveway Cost in Des Moines in 2023?

Thinking of installing a new concrete driveway? Get ready to shell out some cash. Prices have been rising across Des Moines, with the average now costing between $5-$10 per square foot. This guide will overview everything that impacts concrete driveway costs locally so you can set realistic expectations.

Average Cost Range

The average cost to install an unreinforced concrete driveway in Des Moines lands between $5-$10 per square foot, not including any demolition of existing surfaces.

To give you a better idea, here are some common driveway sizes and price ranges:

  • 12 ft x 30 ft (360 sq ft): $1,900 – $3,600
  • 12 ft x 40 ft (480 sq ft): $2,600-$4,800
  • 12 ft x 50 ft (600 sq ft): $3,200-$6,000
  • 24 ft x 30 ft (720 sq ft): $3,900-$7,100
  • 24 ft x 40 ft (960 sq ft): $5,200-$9,500

Of course prices depend on factors like size, prep work, and if reinforced concrete is required. But this will give you an approximate range to start budgeting.


If an existing driveway or concrete needs to be torn out first, tack on $1.10-$1.80 per square foot extra to these price estimates.

Cost Factors

Many variables determine what a Des Moines concrete driveway will ultimately cost. Pricing depends on:

Size and Area: The larger the driveway, the more concrete is needed – so bigger driveways get pricier. Each extra inch of thickness also ups the price about 20%.

Concrete Type: Basic gray concrete runs $5-$7 per square foot. More decorative options like stained, stamped, or patterned concrete cost $8-$15 per square foot. Reinforced concrete with rebar or mesh for heavy vehicles is $6-$11 per square foot.

Design Complexity: Simple rectangular driveways are the most affordable. Any custom curves, borders, designs or special finishes adds to cost.

Site Preparation: Removing old concrete or asphalt, grading uneven ground, hauling away debris – all these site prep tasks add hourly labor fees or equipment rental costs. Tree and rock removal also sometimes necessary.

Labor: Skilled concrete finishing work runs $800-$3,100 for a typical driveway. About 40% of job cost goes to paying professional contractor crew.

Geographic Area: Labor and materials prices vary across regions. Rural area jobs tend to be lower cost than big cities like Des Moines. Weather also determines available building season.

Additional Cost Considerations

While basic concrete for a driveway is the largest expense, a few other optional costs creep up:

Permits – The city may require permits for $50-$200 depending on rules and if an apron exists.

Aprons – Connecting driveway to the road needs an apron, which runs around $3-$10 per square foot.

Decorative Upgrades – Stamped designs, borders, coloring, scoring, and finishes add unique style but also cost more per square foot.

Tips To Save Money

Luckily there are some ways to get the driveway you want without overspending:

  • Do site prep yourself like clearing debris so less billed prep work hours. Just leave poured concrete to the professionals.
  • Get estimates from at least 3 Des Moines contractors. Compare materials, workmanship warranties, timelines.
  • Stick to basic gray concrete. It’s the most economical and when sealed, lasts just as long.
  • See if repairs extended lifespan instead of fully replacing. Fix cracks under 1⁄4 inch.

Questions to Ask Contractors

To get the most accurate pricing:

  • Do you have experience with local code and inspection requirements?
  • What kind of site preparation is needed? Is demolition included or extra?
  • Does an estimate include permit fees, concrete apron, sealing?
  • Can I see previous driveway work examples?
  • Do you offer warranty on labor? What is damage repair policy?
  • What concrete thickness and strength do you recommend?
  • When could the project be scheduled?


Installing a concrete driveway in Des Moines runs $5-$10 per square foot, or $1,900-$14,300 depending on size. Carefully evaluate prep work needed, preferred decorative elements, contractor experience, warranty coverage – and start getting estimates to find the best fit for your budget!

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